When we refer to an International Joint Venture, exactly what are its legal characteristics and essential elements?

"The Complete Guide to International Joint Ventures" (2011) is the indispensable tool for practitioners.

International lawyers dealing with joint ventures face complex legal issues on a daily basis. Practical guidance is a must. The necessary documentation and clauses have been developed from the daily practice of other international lawyers all over the world. Legal custom has been the guiding hand with less reliance on legal theory. But the two-custom and theory-must complement one another.

In this substantially revised third edition of a popular text, an American lawyer with over 40 years’ experience in a European capital provides in clear, straightforward simple language, with multiple forms and clauses, the practice and indispensable theory necessary to ensure a successful orientation for the international practitioner.

Practical solutions to the recurring problems joint ventures present between partners, with over 100 sample clauses, are presented in understandable, yet technically precise language.

All aspects of counseling an international joint venture are reviewed and discussed, ranging from formation, documentation, capital structure, basic clauses, minority interests, squeeze-out maneuvers, managing the joint venture, due diligence, termination problems and procedures to a closing, all amply illustrated with forms and clauses and their relevance.

Moreover, the 3rd edition offers expert insights into complex areas of international joint ventures such as the shareholders’ agreement, minority rights, squeeze-out maneuvers, and management problems.

Additionally, unique features of this 3rd edition include a Topical List and Questions (100) For International Joint Ventures which is a mandatory check-list for consultation by the practitioner as well an unmatched, first-time glossary of international joint venture terms and definitions comprising over 200 items.

These features save time, money, and other resources by giving

practitioners a starting point in drafting international joint venture documents and by minimizing the likelihood that a key issue with potentially significant ramifications will be overlooked. With equal importance are considered the problems the future may bring and how to effectively anticipate them through proper drafting.

The ultimate no-nonsense textbook, the 3rd edition of A Guide to International Joint Ventures with Sample Forms is a key weapon in the arsenal of the international lawyer.

Table of contents

The International Joint Venture

Comparing the Different Joint Venture Forms

Negotiations, Price, and Capital Structure


Letter of Intent and Joint Venture Agreement

Basic Clauses in a Joint Venture Agreement (1-20)

Basic Clauses in a Joint Venture Agreement (21-30)

Basic Clauses in a Joint Venture Agreement (31-50)

The Shareholders' Agreement

Managing the Joint Venture & Avoiding Squeeze Out Maneuvers

Legal, Financial, and Commercial Due Diligence Procedures

Dispute Resolution and Termination

The Closing Process

Practitioner’s Due Diligence Guide to International Joint Ventures


For a complete biography of the author with link to the publisher Kluwer Law International, London, see www.internationaljointventures.net

Dr. Ronald Charles Wolf, the author, is also pleased to answer any questions from his colleagues concerning the subject matter of international joint ventures

Email: ronaldmarilyn@mail.telepac.pt



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