Unoccupied Property Insurance - 1 hour FREE CPD by Lesley King

the SOLICITORS group would like to advise you of our unique new service called 'Watchman'.

Watchman insures empty houses at very competitive terms but there is more to Watchman than just insurance. We are so confident this will be of benefit to your firm that we will provide you with a 1 hour FREE CPD simply for allowing us to quote.

Watchman has been designed with a real understanding of life from a practitioners’ viewpoint and addresses two key issues:

1. The need to conserve Practice funds - instead of having to pay for insurance out of your own resources, you can now pay at the end when the house is sold.

2. The need to protect firms own Indemnity risk, which we address in two ways:

-by providing continuous cover you avoid the possibility of forgetting to extend or renew a short period policy.

- we provide a professional rebuilding cost valuation service to ensure the house is not under or over insured- the cost of which is also deferred until sale.

For further details or if you would like us to provide a quote email or call 0845 625 3605. On providing a quote you will also have the opportunity to choose 1 hour free CPD from our Live Telephone CPD Programme. (Offer ends January 31st January 2011).



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Mark Witter, Anglia Research

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Aidan Hutchings, Managing Director, Estate Research